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An adaptation to the home is something which changes the structure of the building or its fittings. A small adaptation might be putting on new door handles that are easier to use. A larger adaptation could involve fitting a lift or building an extension. Not everyone will need to make major adaptations to their home, but sometimes they can make life at home easier or safer. All kinds of solutions are available to help with different requirements.

If you are thinking about adaptations to your home, you can ask a member of your health or social care team to refer you to an occupational therapist who can do an assessment to see what would be useful for you.

You don’t need to be a home owner to have adaptations made; landlords must make reasonable adjustments for disabled tenants. Private landlords can apply for financial support for necessary works.

Adapting your home can bring huge benefits and help you retain your independence. Although even the simplest home adaptation involves managing information, costs, people and timetables, it doesn’t need to be a big inconvenience and you may be able to apply for funding to help with the costs. We can help to ensure you get the results you need and the funding you are entitled to.

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We offer a simplified approach to help and guide you through the entire process; so that you know what can be achieved and what to expect.

Access to Funding

We will help you from the start, handling all paper work and making it a stress-free process.

Home Adaptations

We can help with a wide range of home adaptations, whether it’s an access ramp, a level access shower or an extension to provide a downstairs bedroom or bathroom.

Repairs & Renovations

We offer advice and support for repairs, maintenance or improvements, all with a dedicated member of staff seeing your project through from start to finish.

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The team at DG Accessible Designs is friendly and approachable. We have many years’ experience and have acquired a good reputation for our efficiency, knowledge and professionalism. We are always open and transparent in our dealings to ensure that everyone involved knows what is going on and what to expect.

Our experience project managing a diverse range of adaptations in a wide variety of situations means that we are empathetic to the needs of our clients and can manage your project sensitively.

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We ensure our knowledge is always up to date: we understand the grant system and can guide you through, painlessly, or make applications on your behalf; we know about the regulatory requirements and can ensure you have a trouble-free experience; we speak builder-ease and understand what the building contractors will need to know in order to do their job properly. Most of all, we understand the process and can navigate the route and jump through all the hoops on your behalf.


We can specify designs & produce the detailed drawings needed by planning authorities and contractors. Our vigorous vetting process means that we can select the right contractor for you and your project.


We work and consult with a wide range of organisations and individuals on your behalf such as: occupational therapists, case managers, care companies and other care industry professionals, specialist architects, solicitors, structural engineers, approved building contractors, skilled tradesmen and fitters, local authorities, councils, grant providers.


We will take the headache out of the project for you by providing you with one point of contact throughout the process. Most importantly, our advice, support and services will be tailored to your individual needs while ensuring your project is completed on time, on budget, and to the highest standard.

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I am pleased with the finished work. It is very nice. The contractors were hard working and very polite and helpful. Your representative was also very polite and helpful.

Mrs C

Delighted with the work, the management and the end product. Exceeded expectations. Many thanks to you!

Mrs L

The work was of a high standard. They cleaned up every night and when they had finished the job. The contractors were a nice bunch of men, also the man that came first, Steve. If I ever have anything done again I would like them to do it. Thank you

Mrs E

Perfect job. Very satisfied.

Mrs S